Huntington Disease Care, Education, and Research Center

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A Huntington Disease Society of America (HDSA) Center of Excellence

The Huntington Disease Care, Education, and Research Center uses a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of patients and their families. Consistent with Georgetown University Medical Center’s devotion to cura personalis, or care of the whole person, the HD-CERC aims towards cura familia, or care of the whole family. Our services and support encompass family members and caregivers.

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You and your family will benefit from our:

  • Team approach. Our program includes experts across the entire spectrum of care, from neuropsychologists and genetic counselors to therapists and social workers. All of these specialists are available in our clinic and regularly consult on patient cases.
  • Comprehensive treatments. Our specialists develop personalized treatment plans to manage every aspect of the disease: movement disorders, mood disorders and cognitive disorders. 
  • Family focus. We realize that no family can manage Huntington’s disease on its own without real social support. We are one of the only clinics that has a full-time dedicated social worker.
  • Commitment to research. Our Center is part of the Huntington Study Group, a collaboration of medical experts conducting research and clinical trials in the hopes of finding better treatments and ways to slow or stop the disease.
  • Community locations. We believe it’s important to provide care at locations convenient and easily accessible to our patients. We also have offices at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in Olney, MD, and MedStar Health in McLean, VA.

For more information, including videos from clinicians, visit Huntington’s Disease Center at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Emily Weaver, MSW, LICSW

Contact Line: 202-687-1366


April 2024 Newsletter

HD-CERC Annoucements

HD-CERC Young Adults Messaging App

Hello! We are so excited to launch Young Adults Messaging App. This is a closed group for young adults impacted by HD (i.e. at-risk, recently tested, comes from an HD Family, partner of individual with HD, etc). 

HD-CERC will be utilizing the app Signal for a messaging platform for participants of this group. This group will be monitored by HD-CERC Team members, but serves as a space for members to interact with one another, ask questions, and respond to weekly questions posed by HD-CERC Team members.

Disclosure: This is a closed group and all group members will be screened prior to being admitted into the group. Please note group members will be able to message one another on the app prior to joining. If at any point you know longer wish to participate, you may remove yourself from the group. This space is to be used as a safe and supportive environment for those seeking to participating. Anyone who does inhibits the safe and supportive space, will be removed from the group by HD-CERC.

1. Download Signal App (pictured below)

2. Create a Signal Account

2. Fill out Google Form

3. HD-CERC Team Member will reach out to confirm participation

4. HD-CERC Team Member will add you by Signal Username

HD-CERC Events

4/15/2024 6:30-7:30 PM Hybrid In-Person/Virtual Support Group

Chevy Chase Neighborhood Library Meeting Room 1

5625 Connecticut Ave NW

Washington, DC 20015

RSVP: Google Form