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Actively Enrolling Trials

(Current as of January 2023)

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  • An Open-Label, Multiple-Dose Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of AXS-07 (meloxicam and rizatriptan) for the Acute Treatment of Migraine in Adults with a Prior Inadequate Response to an Oral CGRP Inhibitor (Axsome AXS-07-304)
  • Preventive Treatment of migraine: Outcomes for Patients in real-world Healthcare systems (TRIUMPH)

Neurology Clinical Research Staff

Zsofia Parragh

Director of Clinical Trials

Luke Lovelace

Associate Director of Clinical Trials

David Pisfil

Associate Director of Clinical Trials

Christopher Gough

Clinical Trials Manager

Eli Wolfgang

Clinical Research Coordinator

Aastha Bhatnagar

Clinical Research Coordinator

Sayeed Shahriar

Clinical Research Coordinator

Emma Waldon

Clinical Research Coordinator

Neurology Clinical Research Assistants

  • Dhruvi Banerjee
  • Charles (Charlie) Carpenter
  • Irene Chang
  • Gabriella (Gabby) Law