Sign Tokens

The Sign Tokens database provides a cross-referenced listing of all signs that appear in the NAD Films and the three early ASL Dictionaries published during the same era. The sign tokens are listed alphabetically by the SLRC Gloss designed at the SLRC to link related databases through a common and unique identifier for each sign. For each token, information is provided about whether that token appears in the NAD films (marked by a √ under “NAD”) and in which of the dictionaries (if any) that same token can be found. If the token appears in a dictionary, then below the author’s name a page number will appear. The author’s gloss will appear after the page number IF his gloss differs from the SLRL Gloss. If the author’s sign is similar or appears related to the SLRC Gloss, the word “see” will appear with the page number. Sometimes the same sign will appear more than once in a given dictionary. If this occurs, all instances of that sign will be included under the author’s name.

Sign Tokens is the platform from which you can also view all instances of a selected sign in the dictionaries and NAD films. Once you identify a token you would like more information about, type the selected sign’s GLOSS under Quick Search, then click on find tokens. You will be taken to a page that lists all instances of that sign in both databases. This page will also allow you to view the dictionary descriptions and film clips in which that sign appears.

Click on Sign Tokens Demonstration for a tutorial demonstration of how to navigate the early ASL database.