The Harris Lab

(Photo of Upper Motor Neuron from the Harris Lab)

Corticospinal neuron (from Harris Lab)


Dr. Harris’ research focuses on the areas of neurodegeneration and CNS neoplasia. His primary interest is in understanding how mechanisms of neuroinflammation and glial-neuronal communication influence the pathophysiology of neurological diseases. As a neuropharmacologist he also seeks to uncover novel targets for pharmacological intervention. As Director of Neuropathology and the Georgetown Brain Bank, Dr. Harris works collaboratively with other investigators interested in basic, translational, and clinical neuroscience research projects here at GUMC and with other academic and industry partners.

For more information, please visit the Harris Lab website.

Contact Information

Brent Harris, MD, PhD
GUMC Department of Neurology
Building D, Room 207
4000 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20057
Office phone: 202-687-5614


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