MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is a tertiary referral hospital, the center of most academic activity and NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. Located adjacent to the medical school, the medical library, and the undergraduate campus, the facility’s location geographically encourages intellectual discourse. Georgetown has maintained a reputation for excellence in care and innovation, drawing a patient population from the Washington area, the diplomatic and international community, and around the country.

The Neurology services house the majority of their patients in one of two 19 bed units. In addition, we have a 19 bed Neurology Intensive Care Unit shared with neurosurgery for patients requiring a higher level of care. Each unit is staffed by nurses trained to care for patients with neurological disease.

All cases admitted to Georgetown University Hospital are teaching cases or our own faculty’s personal patients. All cases are handled by the resident with the supervision of a faculty member.

Georgetown’s residents cover three services: Neurology Ward, Stroke Ward and Neurology Consults. Through these three services, residents experience all aspects of general neurology.

Neurology Ward Service – This inpatient service is designed to manage patients with various non-stroke neurological disorders. These include, but are not limited to, myasthenia gravis, parkinsonism, meningitis, ALS, CIDP, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre, dementia and spongiform encephalopathy. The service is supervised by various faculty members who each have their own subspecialty training to help enrich the learning experience for residents.

Neurology Stroke Service – This inpatient service is designed to manage patients with both acute and subacute ischemic strokes and intracerebral hemorrhages. The service is overseen by stroke-certified attendings. Our program is also currently enrolled in several clinical trials. Click here to learn more about stroke at Georgetown University hospital. 

Neurology Consult Service – This service provides consultation for patients on the various medical and surgical services throughout Georgetown University Hospital. The consult service exposes residents to a wide range of patients with both primary and secondary neurological diseases related to their other medical problems. Consult residents work with the attending whose interests and special expertise coincides with the patient’s diagnosis. Together they visit the patient daily and provide continuous diagnostic and therapeutic support. The close interaction between attendings and residents is one of the unique strengths of the program.