ASL Test Battery

Conducted entirely in ASL, the ASL Test Battery has been adapted to ascertain language competence in a more systematic/extensive way as compared to the ASL-SRT. It was originally developed to look at questions related to ASL acquisition in children and adults and is the oldest database in the collection.Its application has been effectively extended to identify emerging properties of language that may exist in home sign systems and new sign languages. The ASL Test Battery is comprised of the following tests:

  • Introduction – To understand the purpose for the test battery and what the subjects were told.
  • SPP – Sign Phonology Production
  • RTS – Rabbit & Turtle Story
  • VAP – Verb Agreement Production
  • NVP – Noun-Verb Production
  • NVC – Noun-Verb Comprehension
  • VMPa – Verbs of Motion Production, Part A
  • VIP – Verb Inflection Production
  • SOC – Sign Order Comprehension
  • FSP – Free Sign Production
  • SPC – Single Path Comprehension
  • DPC – Dual Path Comprehension
  • VMPb – Verbs of Motion Production, Part B