Grand Rounds 2017-2018


7th            Patrick Forcelli, PhD
                 Assistant Professor, Pharmacology & Physiology
                 In Search of Better Epilepsy Therapies: Drug Effects and Circuit Manipulations

14th           Erol Veznedaroglu, MD
                 Director, Drexel Neurosciences Institute
                 Robert A. Groff Chair in Neurosurgery
                 Where we are since MR CLEAN

21st           Movement Disorders Team
                 Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) after thalamotomy for tremors

28th           Frank Berkowitz, MD
                  Bilateral brain lesions – help me out


5th             Katherine Conant, MD, AB
                  Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience
                  Matrix Metalloproteinases as mediators of antidepressant-associated hippocampal plasticity

12th            Anthony Arnold Amato, MD
                  Vice Chairman, Department of Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
                  Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy

19th            Cancelled

26th           Anousheh Sayah, MD
                  Intraoperative Ultrasound in Spine Surgery: A New View of Spinal Pathology


2nd            Lanier Heyburn, PhD
                  Georgetown University
                  TDP-43 Pathology: Elucidation of mechanisms and treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibition

9th             Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD, OTR
                  UTMB Health, Division of Rehabilitation Sciences
                  Susan Carter Lecture, Reform and Readmission: The Changing World of Post-Acute Care

16th            Cancelled

23rd           Cancelled

30th           Alexander Dromerick, MD
                  Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, NRH
                  Critical Periods in Human Brain Recovery & StrokeNet Update


7th              Cancelled

14th            Michael Ullman, PhD
                  Professor & Director, Brain & Language Laboratory
                  Co-Director, Center for the Brain Basis of Cognition Neuroscience
                  A compensatory role for declarative memory in neurodevelopment (and other) disorders

21st             Brent Harris, MD, PhD
                   Updates from the 2016 WHO Classification of Tumors of the CNS

28th            Cancelled


4th             Cancelled

11th            Cancelled

18th            Jason Chang, MD
                  MedStar Washington Hospital Center
                  Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Therapeutic Targets for Secondary Mechanisms of Injury

25th           Erini Makariou, MD
                  Lesions of the IAC/CPA


1st             John VanMeter, PhD
                 Georgetown University
                 Developmental fMRI Study of Alcohol & Drug Use in Adolescence

8th             Giuseppe Esposito, MD, MBA
                  Molecular Imaging in Neurodegenerative Diseases

15th            Cancelled

22nd          EC Christabel Lee, MD
                  Stroke and Stroke Mimics in Young Adults


1st              Sonia Villapol, PhD
                 Assistant Professor, Neurosciences
                 Cerebral Ischemic Stroke: Why are babies not little adults?

8th             R. Scott Turner, MD, PhD & Yasar Torres-Yaghi, MD
                 CPC: Two individuals with a neurodegenerative disease- clinical course and treatment with a putative novel “broad-spectrum” approach

15th            Ann Jay, MD
                  Imaging of the Skull Base

22nd          James Grotta, MD & Stephanie Parker, RN
                  Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center
                  Introducing and Evaluating the Nation’s First Mobile Stroke Unit

29th           Robert Innis, MD, PhD
                  NIH Neuro Imaging
                  Positron Emission Tomography of Human Brain can Monitor Neuroinflammation and cAMP Signaling: Applications to Alzheimer’s Disease and Depression


5th            Ludise Malkova, PhD
                 Amygdala-midbrain circuitry in primates and its relevance to PTSD

12th            Faria Amjad, MD
                  NMDA Receptor Encephalitis

19th            Dorian B. McGavern, NINDS, NIH
                  Senior Investigator, NINDS, NIH
                  Real-time insights into pathogenesis and repair following traumatic brain injury

26th            Cancelled


3rd             Miriam Bornhorst, MD
                  CNMC Oncology
                  Mek-inhibitor therapy for NF1-associated tumors

10th            Paul Mathew, MD
                  Maintenance of Certification: Reform or Reboot

17th            Cancelled

24th           Johanna Fifi, MD
                  Director of the Cerebrovascular Center and Endovascular Stroke Program, Mt. Sinai, NY
                  Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke: Evolving Evidence and Systems of Care

31st             Abigail Marsh, PhD
                  GU Associate Professor of Psychology
                  The Altruistic Brain


7th             Shema Mathew, MD
                  Live patient presentation

14th            Ira Shoulson, MD
                 Georgetown University
                 A Patient-Reported Natural History of Parkinson Disease