Grand Rounds 2016-2017


1st               Majid Fotuhi, MD
                  Improving Memory and Increasing the Size of the Hippocampus in Elderly: Details of the Brain Fitness
                  Program for Patients with MCI

8th              Rhonda Friedman, PhD
                 Primary Progressive Aphasia

15th            Guilherme Dabus, MD, FAHA
                   New Generation of Hydrogel Coils: Experience in a series of ruptured aneurysms Neck Remodeling 
                  Strategies and Techniques

22nd           Erini Makariou, MD
                   Neuro Cases: Similar Imaging but Different Pathology

29th            Morbidity and Mortality Rounds


6th               Shakti Nayar, MD
                   Peripheral Nerve Hyperexcitability 

13th             Brent Harris, MD, PhD
                   Astrocytes- When Good Cells Go Bad

20th            Chima Oluigbo, MD, FRCSC, Children’s National Medical Center
                   Intraoperative MRI-Guided Resection of Focal Dysplasias in Children

27th            Jacob Toaff, MD
                  Spinal Imaging Cases


3rd               Cancelled

10th             Suzanne Groah, MD, MSPH, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
                   The Long and Winding Road to Improved Care and Patient Experiences for People
                   with Complex Care Needs

17th              Cancelled

24th             Cancelled


1st                Carlo Tornatore, MD
                  New insights into the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

8th               Cancelled

15th              John Lee, MD, University of Pennsylvania Department of Neurosurgery
                   Seeing Beyond the Visible – Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery & Near Infrared Fluorescence 

22nd            Cancelled

29th             Cancelled


5th                Bryan Traynor, MD, PhD, Laboratory of Genetics, NIA/NIH 

12th              Scott Turner, MD, PhD
                   Case Conference

19th              Rocco Armonda, MD
                    Neurovascular Training in the Current Era

26th             Frank Berkowitz, MD
                   Imaging of the sella and parasellar region


2nd               Mark Burns, PhD, GU Associate Professor of Neurosciences
                    Genetic resilience and adaptive responses to repeat concussion – strong benefits, but at what cost?

9th                Charbel Moussa, MD, PhD
                   Can CSF biomarkers predict neurodegeneration and therapeutic effects?

16th              Cancelled

23rd              Anousheh Sayah, MD
                    Vertebral Augmentation and Ablation


2nd              Vicente Notario, PhD
                    Epigenetics and Neurology

9th               Seth Keller, MD, Advocare Neurology of South Jersey
                  Dementia in people with intellectual disability

16th             Harry van Loveren, MD, University of South Florida, Department of Neurosurgery
                  Petroclival Meningiomas: Translations from the Chinese (No CME credit)

23rd             Jeffrey Elias, MD, University of Virginia, Department of Neurosurgery
                   Focused Ultrasound for the Treatment of Movement Disorders

30th             Douglas Mayson, MD, Nina-Serena Burkett, MD
                   A Bilingual 33 Year-Old with New Difficulty Saying ‘No Ifs, Ands, or Buts’

                      Matthew Edwardson, MD, Pooja Mohan Rao, MD
                     Emotional Stress and Intracranial Bleeding: Essence and Consequence


6th               Michael Lawton, MD, University of California-San Francisco, Chair of Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery
                  (No CME credit) 

13th             James Russell, MD, University of Maryland

20th            TBD

27th            Cancelled


4th               Jessica Ailani, MD
                   Live Patient Presentation – Headache Case

11th              Michael D. Sirdofsky, MD
                  Live Patient Presentation, Neuromuscular Case

18th             Daniel Sciubba, MD, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery
                   (No CME credit)

25th            Christabel Lee, MD


2nd               Faria Amjad, MD
                     Case Presentation

8th                Monica Javidnia, MS, Doctoral Candidate
                    Pazopanib is a Potential Therapeutic for the Tauopathies